You can start planting seeds for your spring garden Submitted: 03/30/2015
RHINELANDER - It might not have felt like spring recently, by it is time to start thinking about your spring gardening.

It is still too early to plant outside, but, you can get a jump on your garden by planting simple seeds like tomatoes, herbs, or marigolds.

This is a good time of year to begin growing your own vegetables and flowers.

"It lets them have something and start something growing already in their house. People are just so excited for spring and they want something to be growing already," said Ruth Hempel from Forth Floral.

You want to keep your plant in a warm spot and well watered.

You can move it into the sunlight once it begins to grow.

"You want to start with a good seed starting mix, which is a light soil mix that the seeds germinate well in. And, then, there are a number of different sizes of pots that you can use. Then you fill your seed starter in the pot, add the seeds, and put a little bit of seed starter over the top," said Hempel.

There are a number of bright colored flowers, like hydrangeas, that can help your transition into spring.

Story By: Jeanine Ilacqua

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VILAS COUNTY - Despite your votes to make Vilas County the "Best Cabin Region" in the country, the county fell short.

Cabin Life Magazine held the bracket-style contest. It started with 32 teams.

Vilas County beat out cabin regions in Minnesota, Michigan, and Colorado to make it to the finals.

The county squared off against Pinetop-Lakeside Arizona for the title of best cabin region.

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WISCONSIN - People in northcentral and northwest Wisconsin drive on the worst local roads in the state.

But money for road projects seems to be headed to southern Wisconsin more and more.

Three nonprofit groups in the state finished a study with those findings.

They say the trend breaks a deal in the state.

The groups say gas taxes and registration fees should go to support local roads.

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RHINELANDER - A Milwaukee Public TV program came to Rhinelander last summer to profile the city.

Around the Corner with John McGivern will premier its episode on Rhinelander this week, but Rhinelander community members got the chance to see the episode before it airs.

Wisconsin Public Television hosted a premiere event Saturday night.

The show featured area businesses like Expera, Ponsse, and Foster and Smith.

It also showcased the community.

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RHINELANDER - It gave people of all ages a community focused event to enjoy.

It's something ArtStart hopes to do after each opening event. It also hopes to mix in different themes for the receptions.

"In the past we've always had earlier receptions and this year we thought we'd try something different and have after parties with dancing and open bar, and hopefully attract maybe a little younger crowd," said Organizer Melinda Childs.

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TOMAH - A hearing today will look into complaints that patients at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Tomah got too many narcotic drugs.

A pair of U.S. House and Senate committees will hold a joint field hearing today in Tomah.

The facility in west-central Wisconsin came under scrutiny in January.

That followed reports that physicians were prescribing MORE painkillers than most VA hospitals.

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TOMAH - Air Force veteran Jason Bishop says he has struggled in vain to find relief for his chronic pain at several Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals, including one in Tomah.

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BAYFIELD COUNTY - Authorities have recovered the body of a missing 77-year-old fisherman from a lake in northern Wisconsin.

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KIEL - A 21-year-old Wisconsin state trooper killed in a shootout with a bank robbery suspect is being remembered in his hometown.

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