Riverside Athletic Club wants people to lead a healthy lifestyleSubmitted: 10/09/2015
MERRILL - Riverside Athletic Club in Merrill wants to encourage people to lead a healthy lifestyle.

That's why it's hosting an open house Saturday. Riverside wants the community to come and try different classes and see what the club has to offer.

"It's a time for people to come in and experience what we have. We're going to have free food, we're going to have a bounce house for the kids, face painting, a dunk tank. We're doing a Zumba class at 11:00," said Riverside Athletic Club Manager Becci Shuman.

The dunk tank and Zumba party will cost money or a food donation to the Merrill Food Pantry.

Shuman says people are often hesitant to join a gym. She hopes the open house will make people more comfortable.

"If we stop moving, if we stop being active in our lives we will not be able to do things like go for a walk with your kids or take a hike with your grand kids or whatever the stages you are in life by being physically active will make it easier and more fun," said Shuman.

The open house is at the Riverside Athletic Club Saturday from 8:00 am to Noon.

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Story By: Katie Thoresen

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