BREAKING: Jury clears Hayes on felony sex assault, convicts on misdemeanor sex chargeSubmitted: 12/06/2016
MERRILL - A jury found a Merrill Police and Fire Commission member guilty of having sex with a 17-year-old girl, but not guilty of second-degree sexual assault Tuesday afternoon.

The jury returned its verdict in the David Hayes case around 1:30 p.m.  A woman accused Hayes, 47, of forcing her to perform oral sex on him during a car ride after a picnic in 2012.  The woman was 17 at the time.  She didn't report the incident to police until 2014.

Hayes faced a class C felony and misdemeanor in the case, but the jury decided Hayes was not guilty of sexual assault. He faced up to 40 years in prison for that felony offense. The misdemeanor comes with a maximum prison sentence of nine months.

Newswatch 12's Stephanie Haines is at the Lincoln County Courthouse and will have more on this story at 5 and 6 p.m.

This story will be updated.  Monday's story on Day 1 of the trial is below.

LINCOLN COUNTY - Prosecutors often struggle to turn a "He said, She said" case into a trial.

But the Lincoln County District Attorney's Office thinks it has enough to send a Merrill Police and Fire Commission member to prison.

The case goes back four years, when a then-17-year-old girl claims 47-year-old David Hayes forced her into oral sex.

On Monday, we heard from that woman on the stand.

Investigators believe Hayes and the woman were at a picnic in 2012. The 17-year-old said she had been drinking and asked Hayes for a ride home. She said Hayes assaulted her in the car, saying, "Put out or get out."

But the defense team argued that the girl consented and that Hayes regrets what happened.

Hayes's attorney said that a lot of the details in the case don't make sense and questioned how the woman could only remember certain details and not others.

The state called a Lincoln County deputy as a witness and played us the original interview tape. The state also called in a therapist and finished its arguments late Monday afternoon.

On Tuesday Hayes's attorney plans to call Hayes's wife and possibly even Hayes himself to the witness stand.

Story By: Newswatch 12 News Team

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LINCOLN COUNTY - Prosecutors often struggle to turn a "He said, She said" case into a trial.

But the Lincoln County District Attorney's Office thinks it has enough to send a Merrill Police and Fire Commission member to prison.

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MINCOQUA - What's the holiday season without some Christmas carols?

The third Annual Carols in the Commons at Lakeland Union High School brought together hundreds of people together Monday night.

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FLORENCE COUNTY - Federal investigators will interview employees at a Florence County sawmill in the near future.

They'll try to piece together what happened in the death of John Chitko at the Chitko Brothers Mill in Tipler last month.

The Appleton office of OSHA is in charge of the investigation. It could propose fining the company if it finds safety violations. If so, those fines would have to be imposed within six months.

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RHINELANDER - Oneida County Judge Patrick O'Melia will add a new role as Deputy Chief Judge in our northern Wisconsin judicial district.

O'Melia is one of two Oneida County Circuit Court Judges.

Marathon County Judge Gregory Huber serves as Chief Judge in the Ninth Judicial Administrative District. O'Melia will become his deputy.

The judicial district includes 12 counties in northcentral Wisconsin. O'Melia will likely represent the Chief Judge in some official functions or dealings with other agencies.

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MADISON - The Republican chairman of the Legislature's budget committee says the proposed Wisconsin Department of Transportation budget for the next two years is essential a divestment in roads.

Rep. John Nygren's comments came Tuesday during testimony from DOT Secretary Mark Gottlieb at an Assembly committee hearing. Nygren is joining with other lawmakers in questioning whether the budget put forward relying on half a billion dollars in borrowing and delaying projects is the most responsible plan.

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The Board of Regents is scheduled to vote on a plan Thursday that would raise out-of-state and graduate tuition by hundreds of dollars at six four-year campuses and all the system's two-year schools.

The largest increase would come at UW-Madison, which has proposed raising nonresident undergraduate tuition by $2,000 in each of the next two years and raising tuition for some graduate programs by as much as $5,000 annually.

The regents in 2015 approved raising nonresident and graduate tuition at eight four-year campuses and this past spring signed off on raising nonresident and graduate tuition at five schools.

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MADISON - Road builders, local governments, business leaders, agricultural interests and environmentalists are all getting a chance to weigh in on how to pay for improving Wisconsin's roads.

The state Assembly's Transportation Committee scheduled an informational hearing for Tuesday on the topic.

The state Department of Transportation faces a nearly $1 billion budget shortfall, which it is proposing solving through increased borrowing and delaying work on major projects.

Republican lawmakers are split on whether raising taxes and fees should also be considered as part of the mix.

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TOMAH - A dentist has resigned from his position at a Wisconsin Veterans Affairs hospital amid accusations he treated hundreds of patients with improperly cleaned equipment.

The VA hospital in Tomah, Wisconsin, announced the dentist's resignation Friday, ahead of a scheduled Monday meeting of a panel used in situations that could warrant firing.

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