Local man sells repair business to Laona Machine SupplySubmitted: 03/04/2015
CRANDON - Hayes Metals in Crandon will see big changes over the coming weeks. Laona Machine Supply bought the repair shop on Monday.

People in Crandon have depended on Hayes Metals for power equipment repairs since the '70s. That's why Laona Machine Supply managers were eager to buy the business. Owner Doug Hayes was interested in selling since fall.

"My wife and I talked for the last four years, that I'm 62 and we need to start looking at retirement," said former Hayes Metals owner Doug Hayes.

After 37 years in the repair business, Hayes sold Hayes Metals on Monday, but it doesn't mean he's ready to hang up his tool belt just yet.

"It's going to take at least two years to get everybody trained up on what I'm doing here by myself," he said.

In the meantime, Hayes will be an employee at the business he used to own. More jobs might be on the way too.

"Depending on how much busier we get with the new Stihl product line in Laona, there's a possibility for another job there too," said Thad Yaeger, manager of Laona Machine Supply.

Hayes wants to make sure people know he's still there to help. Even though the business may grow, Hayes should have more time for the important things. He said he'll have more time to visit grandchildren in northwestern Minnesota with his wife. The change of hands will also give him more time to restore vintage snowmobiles during down time.

Story By: Matt Brooks

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