Community comes together to mourn the victims of last week's shooting Submitted: 03/27/2017
WESTON - Dozens of people planned to show up to Sunday's vigil. Community members brought balloons, ribbons and, of course, candles.

Dollar Tree store manager Cheryl Butterfield stepped in to make sure there were plenty of supplies.

"It's really nice and great the way people are coming out to help each other," Butterfield said. "It really touches my heart. And I hope it touches everyone else's too." 

Butterfield doesn't know any of the victims personally, but that didn't stop her from helping the friends and families of the victims out of her own pocket. 

"I lived here all my life and this is such a tight-knit community," she said. "Somewhere along the line you have a connection to one if not all the victims." 

The vigil took place at Kennedy Park in Weston, just around the corner from the local Target. 

Similar to Butterfield, the store manager of Target, Kimm Vandenhuevel, believes giving back to the community is crucial in a time of need and pain.

"I just think its import to show that support," said Vandenhuevel.

Vandenhuevel says she allowed people who attended the vigil to park in Target's parking lot and use its restrooms.

"They are more than welcome to use what we offer so they can attend the event," said Vandenhuevel.

Both store managers believe there's nothing that can break the bond that holds this community together.

"If this little bit can make things a little easier, that's all I ask for," said Butterfield.

Story By: Erin Beu

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