Lakeland Senior Center wasn't insured at the time of fire that destroyed buildingSubmitted: 05/22/2015
WOODRUFF - Earlier in May, a fire destroyed the Lakeland Senior Center in Woodruff.

The center was a place for seniors to get a meal, and to socialize.

We still don't know how the fire started, but we do know the center probably won't get insurance money to rebuild.

At the time of the fire, the Lakeland Senior Center didn't have insurance.  

Insurance payments weren't made, and it was cancelled. 

The senior center's executive director was responsible for making payments. 
The executive director has been let go.

The Lakeland Retirement Foundation Board oversees the center. 

"We were informed by West Bend Insurance, who's our insurance carrier at that time, that coverage had lapsed several weeks prior to that, which was completely unbeknownst to the board," says board president Brian Nerdahl. 

Senior center leaders are looking into what to do next.

If they rebuild, they don't know what it will look like.

"Obviously, we're going to change our bill paying process," says Nerdahl. "We have to find out from the community what direction they'd like this center to go. Do we want another building? Do we not want another building? If we do want another building obviously some fundraising has to be accomplished."

If they rebuild, they might change the kitchen because they no longer make meals at the center.

"We became just an assembly point, so we don't really need a commercial kitchen like we had before, so a lot of things have changed, we need to find out from the community what they would like to see us do," Nerdahl says. 

The center has a temporary home at the Hiawatha Estates Mobile Home Park.

First Merit Bank donated furniture and supplies for the center's temporary office.

Story By: Kaitlyn Howe

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CRANDON - Seven men and five women from Forest County decided that Ray Jones, 46, intended to kill Steven Roberts in March 2014. The twelve jurors returned a unanimous guilty verdict Friday afternoon. Jones was on trial in Crandon for attempted murder. The jury made its decision after one hour, 26 minutes of deliberations.

"When we get a verdict of guilty, which we're pleased to get, because that's justice being done in this particular case, it is more so a situation where it's relief that he didn't get away," said Forest County District Attorney Chuck Simono after the verdict.

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