Black Friday Shopping in the NorthwoodsSubmitted: 11/28/2014
RHINELANDER - Many people woke up early and headed to the store for Black Friday.

It is considered one of the biggest shopping days of the year because it can mark the start of the holiday shopping season.

Many people came out to snag a deal despite the chilly temperatures.

"We're from Wisconsin. We're hearty people. It's fun. You just bundle up and wear your layers. It doesn't stop us," said Black Friday shopper Katie Meyer.

"I dressed for it with boots, long underwear, warm coat, gloves. I knew I'd have to stay warm," said shopper Linda Rectenwald.

"I was hesitant but I still came out anyways," said shopper Ellysa Aijala.

Shopping on Black Friday is a tradition for many families.

"I came out for Black Friday because it is a tradition. It's a nice way to start off your Friday morning by working off some of those calories after all the turkey," said Meyer.

"I come just to shop with my mom. We do it every year. She does her Christmas shopping and I tag along," said Aijala.

"We came to get some deals. The crowds are not as bad as they are back home so it was pretty easy to get what we wanted," said Black Friday shoppers Mike and Dora Dione.

"I came because of all the deals and shopping for family and grandkids," said Rectenwald.

Many local stores saw Black Friday traffic as well.

"It's our way of showing our appreciation for our customers. It is a great way for us to kick off new styles and designs," said Tricia Metropolus from Metro Screenprinting in Rhinelander.

Story By: Jeanine Ilacqua

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Local author writes book after 11 years of researchSubmitted: 11/28/2014

PRESQUE ISLE - You can learn a lot about your family history after 11 years of research.

Presque Isle's Richard Fields now knows five generations of his family name, and 1200 people related to him.

He started his research in 2003. Fields finished this year.

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Northwoods Children's Museum hosts turkeys for educationSubmitted: 11/28/2014

EAGLE RIVER - People who head to the Northwoods Children's Museum will get a special surprise.

The museum in Eagle River is hosting a couple of live turkeys this month.

Workers say the live animals help children understand exactly where their Thanksgiving meals come from.

The program has been running for about 10 years.

Turkey and Tradition draws a lot of people to Eagle River every November.

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Holiday Model Train Show Opens in MinocquaSubmitted: 11/28/2014

MINOCQUA - If Black Friday and the snow didn't get you into the Christmas spirit just yet, a local train display could help.

The Northwoods Model Railroad Club opened Santa's Village Friday.

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Love for pizza making turns into a way to raise money for local charities for one NWs manSubmitted: 11/28/2014

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EAGLE RIVER - An Eagle River man gives back to his community using pizza. The pizza parties have raised more than $13,000 in donations for local charities and individuals since 2006.

Gary Anderson has lived in Eagle River for practically his entire life. He started out by making homemade pizzas for his family nearly 20 years ago.

"My mother used to make Chef Boyardee pizzas, and I thought my god, there has got to be a better way."

Since then, Anderson has fine-tuned his pizza recipe. He loves a good sauce, but he says the key to HIS pizza's is a mixed mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

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Funeral set for 3 children who died in U.P. crashSubmitted: 11/28/2014

DAGGETT, MI - A funeral has been scheduled for the three children killed in a weather-related crash in the Upper Peninsula.

TV station WBUP-WBKP reports (http://bit.ly/1vpSGy8 ) the funeral for Michael, Maxwell and Joelle McCue is set for Sunday at the Carney Free Church in the Menominee County community of Carney. The children ages 11 to 14 died Monday after their van smashed into a semi-truck on snowy U.S. 41 near Daggett.

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Wisconsin's wolf hunt may soon come to an endSubmitted: 11/28/2014

MADISON - Wisconsin's wolf hunt may soon come to an end.

Hunters are four wolves shy of Wisconsin's statewide kill limit, throwing the prospect of using dogs in this year's hunt into doubt.

State tallies show hunters had taken 146 wolves as of Thursday, just short of the 150 wolf limit.

The 2012 Republican law that created Wisconsin's wolf hunt allows hunters to use dogs to trail wolves beginning the first day after the end of the nine-day gun deer season.

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Madison police question benefits of body camerasSubmitted: 11/27/2014

MADISON - As a growing number of police departments nationwide equip officers with body-worn cameras, Madison police are issuing a report that questions some benefits of the devices.

Police plan to present the report to the Madison City Council on Tuesday.

The report notes that studies have shown departments that use the cameras have seen fewer citizen complaints. But it also says more research is needed to see if the cameras actually bolster trust in officers.

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Madison College to train police on use of dronesSubmitted: 11/27/2014

MADISON - Madison College is developing a program to train law enforcement officers on how to operate drones.

Several law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin are considering the use of drones, for situations such as search-and-rescue missions or tactical operations.

Madison College is coming up with training that will show police and firefighters how to fly the unmanned aerial devices, as well as how to use them ethically.

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