Fresh roasted coffee can make the perfect cup of coffeeSubmitted: 04/27/2015
EAGLE RIVER - Many people enjoy freshly roasted coffee. But, the process to roast those coffee beans can be a science.

"We start with green coffee. It comes in 130 to 155 pound sacks of coffee," said owner of Eagle River Roasters Dan Beihoff.

The coffee beans start as the green pit of the coffee cherry. It goes into the coffee roaster and becomes the brown coffee bean that we're familiar with.

"It's a process of taking the different flavors that are locked up inside the bean. There are different flavors in there depending on the region that it's grown in and the type of soil. But, it's my job as a roaster to bring those flavors out," said Beihoff.

That happens by placing the beans in the hopper. Then, the beans are roasted to a dark brown color and dropped into the cooling tray. The process takes about 12 to 16 minutes.

"We'll roast 24-25 pounds of coffee at a time. We can do up to 90 pounds an hour," said Beihoff.

The coffee gets bagged immediately to help it stay fresh. Eagle River Roasters roasts coffee for other coffee shops across the country.

"We wholesale or toll roast for other coffee houses. And, we're shipping throughout the Midwest and down south as far as Florida and Texas," said Beihoff.

The perfect cup of coffee doesn't always come easy.

"We're tasting. We're saying, 'Okay, we like this. We'll change this just a little bit and see if we like that any better.' It's our job, then, to duplicate that," said Beihoff. "Freshness is king in coffee. It doesn't get any fresher than roasting right here, bagging it up, and having it ready to go."

Story By: Jeanine Ilacqua

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