Forest County attack suspect pleads guilty to three feloniesSubmitted: 03/04/2015
CRANDON - Prosecutors want a Wabeno man to go to prison for at least 30 years.

Justin Bey pleaded guilty on Wednesday to trying to kill a man in Forest County last March.

Bey was accused of working with other suspects to beat the victim and leave him in the woods so wolves could attack him.

Bey pled guilty to three felonies on Wednesday.

Forest County District Attorney Chuck Simono told us he will ask for at least a 30-year prison sentence.

He could ask for more, depending on the results of a Pre-Sentence Investigation Report by the state Department of Corrections.

That hearing will be in August.

Two women have already been convicted in connection to the crime.

April Jones was sentenced to jail time, while Samantha McClellan was put on probation.

A fourth person, Raymond Jones, is set to stand trial in May on five felony charges, including attempted first degree intentional homicide.

Simono told us he expects that case to proceed all of the way to trial, with no plea agreement in the making.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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