Rhinelander woman will audition for NBC's 'The Voice' for the fifth time Submitted: 01/19/2017
RHINELANDER - Rejection can be difficult for anyone to handle.

A Rhinelander woman faced rejection four times already. But Dawn Knudsen plans to try again a fifth time.

"I'm not going to give up in life," said Knudsen.

This is the fifth time she'll be auditioning for NBC's The Voice. The reality show is a singing competition with celebrity judges

"The experience alone is so worth it. Hopefully, I do win someday, but I don't need to feel like a winner by the end of it," said Knudsen.

Winning isn't why Knudsen sings. Ever since she was a child, she always enjoyed sharing her passion for music with others.

"Music brings people together and I believe whether it's in the community, whether it's a stranger, it brings people closer. It's a type of communication," said Knudsen.

Not everything in Knudsen's life has been this easy.

Last fall, at 45 years old, she decided to go back to school at Nicolet College as a full-time student. Knudsen hopes to get her degree as an early education teacher.

"I feel like you could grow and learn whether it's in school or music," said Knudsen.

Knudsen used to be a certified nursing assistant. Knudsen stopped working after an incident she doesn't talk much about, left her with tears and nerve damage.

"Just because one path ends doesn't mean that there's not new paths in your future," said Knudsen.
Now, Knudsen will prepare for yet another audition with the same mindset that helped her start signing in the first place.

"A song can make someone's day better and I want to make people's days better," said Knudsen.

Knudsen will audition in Chicago on Saturday. She's auditioned in Tennessee and Minnesota in past years.

Story By: Allie Herrera

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