Froelich's Sayner Lodge owner looks back at resort's history in Vilas CountySubmitted: 08/25/2016

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SAYNER - From its scenic lakes to pristine forests, people might know Vilas County best for its tourism. And with all the people coming there year round, that gives room for plenty of places to stay. Froelich's Sayner Lodge has been around for more than a century, and is still ready today for you to check in.

"It's my home. When we first got here, within the second day, I had all the cottages memorized, I knew where everything was," said Froelich's Sayner Lodge owner Carole Froelich. "I fell in love with it right away. So there was no going back."

Carole knows her day begins and ends right here in Sayner. 

"I couldn't imagine having a year round job where I sat at a desk," said Carole.

In 1957, Carole's dad bought what's now Froelich's Sayner Lodge. Carole got to work at the lodge as a kid and finds herself there today.

"I was raised in Sayner. My father was born and raised in Sayner. I'm a fourth generation local, and the opportunity came up to buy this place, and it's something that a Sayner boy just dreamed of," said Carole. "I was put behind the front desk, and would check in guests and I would sell rolls of film because that's what we had then."

But the lodge's roots go far deeper than the late 1950s. The Lodge first opened in 1892, but Carole can still remember how things have changed over the years. 

"Rooms used to rent for $6 a day, and that included three meals, and boats rented for 50 cents, and it was really just a different world," said Carole.

The business has its challenges, but Carole's happy people are still looking for a place to stay.
"We're glad it took you so long to find us," said Carole.

From the old-style rooms to the cabins and the shores of Plum Lake, Carole hopes you say you found something special in Sayner.

"They don't realize it until they're leaving and they go, 'Oh my gosh, I had the best time,'" said Carole. 

Story By: Mary O'Connell

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