James Bradley in northern Wisconsin appearance: Marines 'screwed it up' in Iwo Jima photo misidentificationSubmitted: 07/01/2016

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MANITOWISH WATERS - Like the rest of the Antigo community, the state of Wisconsin, and America, James Bradley spent decades believing something which wasn't true.

He believed his father, Antigo's John Bradley, was one of six men in the famous flag-raising photo at Iwo Jima.

Last week, after 70 years, the Marine Corps acknowledged Bradley isn't in the photo.

"Everyone has examined this photo, and everybody got it wrong," James Bradley said Thursday night in Manitowish Waters. Bradley's first public presentation since the announcement occurred at a library event in the tiny northern Wisconsin community. Bradley is the author of "Flags of our Fathers," a bestselling chronicle of the stories of the six flag-raisers.

Ever since American forces took Mt. Suribachi on the Pacific island of Iwo Jima in February 1945, the country hailed John Bradley as one of the men in Joe Rosenthal's widely reproduced photo. In fact, the American government used Bradley and the two other survivors from the photo on a cross-country tour later in 1945. They helped sell billions of dollars in war bonds.

This May, James Bradley confirmed new evidence showed his father wasn't in the photo. The Marine Corps confirmed it late in June.

"The reaction of [my] family was just, 'How could this be? How could this have lasted for 70 years?' [It was] just like everyone's reaction," James Bradley said.

The photographic evidence now has James Bradley convinced, but he doesn't regret his previous beliefs.

"John Bradley remembers he had a hand on a pole and raised a flag," James Bradley said during his Manitowish Waters presentation. "I thought he was talking about the second flag-raising when I wrote the book."

In fact, his father had raised the first flag on Mt. Suribachi on that day, but not the flag in the second, more famous photo.

Ninety-one-year old Navy veteran Forrest Johnson, who now lives in Manitowish Waters, was on a destroyer anchored off Iwo Jima during the battle. All of those decades ago, he was amazed to learn that John Bradley, another Wisconsinite, was in the famous photo. But after hearing James Bradley speak on Thursday, Johnson decided it doesn't matter whether John Bradley was actually in the picture.

"It wouldn't change anything. Anybody that even was there, to me, is as much of a hero as anyone who put the flag on top," Johnson said. "The real people were killed in the assault that we made. They were the real heroes to me."

James Bradley took a frustrated tone toward the Marines' longtime mistake.

"They screwed it up for 70 years, so they better set the record right," he said.

James Bradley fears the Marines are trying to shift blame for the misidentification toward those who made it off of Iwo Jima alive. He is worried the Marines want to say those men withheld evidence during their lives.

"The Marines made my dad a hero. Now, they're taking it away and saying, 'Hey, Bradley lied,'" James Bradley said.

James Bradley said his father never sought the large amounts of attention which came with the distinction. When reporters called for interviews, his family would tell them he was on a fishing trip to Canada.

Meanwhile, like so many in Manitowish Waters, James Bradley's attitude also mirrored that of Johnson, the World War II veteran.

"Who jumped in at what point - it didn't matter to them, and it shouldn't matter to us," James Bradley said. "They were all heroes."

John Bradley died in 1994 after decades of operating a funeral home in Antigo.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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MERRILL - Bryson Cruise hopes the watermelon he blew up Friday morning is the closest anyone gets to an injury this weekend.

But the Merrill firefighter and paramedic knows chances are he'll likely respond to humans instead of fruit the next three days.

"It becomes a pretty busy weekend pretty quick," Cruise said.

Friday, Cruise and members of the Merrill Fire Department set off mortar shells and firecrackers demonstrating how quickly a fun holiday activity can turn into a trip to the ER.

"About 55 percent of those are related to your hands, arms, legs, kind of the extremities of your body," Cruise said.

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ONEIDA COUNTY - Back in November, a 20-year-old Rhinelander man drove and crashed his car after a night of drinking, killing his best friend in the passenger seat.

That driver will now spend nine months in jail.

Randall J. Lego was sentenced in Oneida County Court on Friday. 

He faced two charges of homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle.

According to court documents, Lego's car hit a power pole on River Road just outside Rhinelander.

The passenger, 23-year-old Jacob Juedes, was dead at the scene. Juedes was a husband and father of a young daughter.

Oneida County Circuit Court Judge Patrick O'Melia said it was a tragic set of circumstances.

"The only aggravating factor here, and when I say that I don't mean to diminish the loss here, but is the result of this accident," O'Melia said. "That is the only thing that is not in your favor, which is the result of the action and the permanency of it."

Some witnesses testified to Lego's character and pleaded with the judge to not give jail time.

But, Judge O'Melia sentenced Lego to nine months in jail and seven years probation.

"There's a lot of people in the community who have strong feelings about what should happen," O'Melia said. "But the court can't sentence on community anger or community empathy."

Lego must also complete 200 hours of community service, for which Judge O'Melia wants Lego to speak to kids and teens about his experience. 

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ANTIGO - You can spot plenty of wildlife in orthern Wisconsin. However, you don't typically see a black belly barbado sheep or a royal palm turkey.

You can go check them out at the new It's All Good Farmstand and Petting Zoo right off Highway 45 in Antigo.

The It's All Good Farmstand and Petting Zoo has a simple goal. It wants people to see interesting animals.
"We decided, what the heck, we should open something to the public to so that everybody that does not have farm critters and enjoy them like we do, can come in and pet the critters and learn a lot of stuff," said owner Cheryl Wirz.

Wirz decided to have her family be part of her staff. It's something she really enjoys.

"I love the fact that my kids are here and they're getting a hands on experience," said Wirz.

"I mostly help load and unload the animals from home to here. Also, I fill up all the water when we get here, and I run the food booth," said staff member and son Aiden Wirz.

That all adds up to work for their kids and there are some perks to working for your parents.

"Mostly, they can't fire me," said Aiden, laughing.

Most animals look familiar to the guests when they come right up to them, but what about the specific breeds?

"We try to promote rare and critically endangered breeds of farm animals. Most people don't even know what they are," said Cheryl Wirz.

The Wirz family is also passionate about the quality of food for their animals.

"We do all organic produce and all of our critters eat all organic. In fact, we grow most of their food," said Cheryl Wirz.

Some young kids might be a litte nervous of the animals at first, but the friendly staff is there to help.

"Little ones will be really nervous and scared, but after awhile they're calmed down and they really love it," said staff member Natasha Lewer.

Even with all the hard work that goes into owning a farm, the happy visitors make it all worth it.

"They light up when they're in there. We had a gentleman that was in a wheelchair and all the animals surrounded him and he was just smiling from ear to ear," said Cheryl Wirz.

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EAGLE RIVER - A woman will need to recover after colliding with a car on her bicycle Thursday night near Eagle River, according to the Vilas County Sheriff's Office.

The woman was riding south on Highway 45 when she tried to turn onto Evergreen Road. That's when a southbound car collided with the bicyclist.

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USA Today Network-Wisconsin reports the 69-year-old woman approached her neighbor on Wednesday evening in attempt to show him that she didn't have his duck.

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