Lakeland Union High School gets ready for the school year Submitted: 08/07/2017
MINOCQUA - It takes a village to get a school running with hundreds of students. Lakeland Union High School administrators say they need to get into a zone to prepare for the year. 
"In the world of education, change is the norm," said Lakeland Union High School Principal Jim Bouche.

Educational and structural changes are happening at Lakeland Union High School. 

"[We're] becoming one of the most energy-efficient schools in the state of Wisconsin," said Bouche. 

Construction workers have replaced students at the school this summer as workers update the boiler system, reconfigure the classroom layouts, and lay down synthetic turf on the sports field in addition to other improvements.

"I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that we'll have every room ready to go," said Bouche. 

When the bell rings on September 1, freshmen won't be the only ones with first-day jitters. 

Math teacher Kim Kargus-Myers said each class of students has its own personality.

"Challenges are what make the job interesting," she said.

Kargus- Myers has taught at Lakeland Union for 15 years, but there's still one part of the job that can make her nervous. 

"Learning things about students I've never had before, that's nerve-wracking."

Former receptionist Stacie Larson used to be the first person to notice the new haircuts, growth spurts, and flustered looks on the first day of school. 

"Every chance you have an interaction with a student is a chance to make a connection," said Larson.

Her new position as athletic secretary brings her behind the scenes, but some things never change. 

"Every year brings something new," Larson said.

For every class clown, jock, or prodigy that takes a seat, teachers like Kargus-Myers have the same goals for them all. 

"Whatever success means for them, I want them to find it," Kargus-Myers said.

Story By: Phylicia Ashley

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