Woodruff couple receives furnace through Heat U.P. Wisconsin program Submitted: 10/02/2016
WOODRUFF - A Woodruff family won't have to heat up their home this winter with just space heaters.

On Saturday, nearly 60 furnaces were installed into the homes of local residents in need.

"It all is very much a blur," said Shannon Trapp. She doesn't remember much about the day she and her husband, Brandon, were told their home was chosen to receive a new furnace.

"We just couldn't stop smiling at each other all night," said Trapp.

After years without a working furnace, they are finally going to have one of their own.

The Heat U.P. Wisconsin program installs brand-new, high-efficiency Lennox gas furnaces for families in need.

"We couldn't physically do the wood burner anymore, and then my mom nominated us for this," said Trapp.

The Trapps have owned their home for many years and the lack of heat hasn't been the only challenge they've had to overcome.

"It's been a rough couple of years," said Trapp. "I was diagnosed last year with M.S., and we were just starting to kind of come to terms with it and then Brandon had a stroke in March."  

At one point, Brandon was the family's main breadwinner because of his wife's inability to work. That all changed after his stroke.

"He lost about a third of the left side of his brain, and we've just been recovering," said Trapp.

The Trapps may have a long road to recovery ahead of them, but that road is one Todd Albano, manager of Danco Heating and Cooling in Woodruff, wanted to make a little smoother. He had the chance to through Heat U.P. Wisconsin.

"We're providing a great service for somebody who is very appreciative, and in my mind there's nothing better you can do than to help people out," said Albano.

Albano and a few other workers volunteered their time to remove the family's old furnace on Saturday and install the new one.

"The furnace that was in this residence was no longer operable. It was an old oil furnace from 1978," said Albano.

After years of working to install furnaces, Albano says the most rewarding part of his job is helping families.

"The worst part of my job is when I go in and find a furnace that is failed and tell a family who may have difficulty affording it that I can no longer operate their furnace and they need to purchase a new one," said Albano.

This time, Albano didn't have to deliver any bad news.

"If things get you down, you're never going to make it through it. You just have to keep smiling and stand together," Albano said.

Instead, Alabano delivered a furnace designed to heat up one family's home and warm their hearts.

Another 60 furnaces were brought into the homes of many other Wisconsin residents on Saturday.

Since first starting in 2010, Heat U.P. Wisconsin has installed more than 326 furnaces.

Story By: Allie Herrera

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