White Lake School holds informational referendum meeting Submitted: 03/22/2015
WHITE LAKE - Many rural school districts need to pass referendums in order to stay open. White Lake School will try to pass a referendum for the third time this April. The first time it only failed by two votes. That's why the school wants the community to know why the district needs the referendum.

On Saturday more than 60 White Lake community members learned more about the school's upcoming referendum when the school held an informational meeting about the vote. School administrators say it's important to get the facts to the public. "There is a referendum committee that has been given the facts of our financial challenges," says White Lake School Superintendent Bill Fisher. Their role is to communicate with other community members to get the factual information out about the needs of the school district." Administrators spoke about the community losing state aid every year. They say that's a big reason they need to ask the community for more funding. Administrators want people who attended the meeting to talk to others about it. "This is a door-to-door issue and it's about friends, neighbors, family members communicating with each other on what the school's financial needs are," Fisher says. Community members can visit White Lake School's website at the link below to ask any questions about the referendum. The vote will take place April 7, 2015.

Story By: Kaitlyn Howe

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