The fun of disc golf Submitted: 08/27/2014
- You can play disc golf at the Sandy Point Resort and Disc Golf Ranch if you're looking for a good time. Disc Golf is a growing and inexpensive way for some recreational or competitive fun.

All you need to play disc golf is a hole and a bag of Frisbees. Disc Golf has all the same rules as golf, but with a Frisbee. "Disc Golf is just like traditional golf played with Frisbees. Instead of putting a ball in a hole, you put a Frisbee in a basket with chains on it to break the flight," said owner of the Sandy Point Resort and Disc Golf Ranch Mike Cozzens. Sandy Point is just one of the courses you can go play disc golf in the Northwoods. It was the first course in the Northwoods, and the only one in the world with a resort on site. "We carved it out of the woods by hand into what is disc golf heaven," said Cozzens. In the last 20 years, disc golf has grown throughout Wisconsin. "We were the 11th course in the state and now there are over 250 courses in the state. It's just gotten huge," said Cozzens. There is such a fast learning curve that anyone can play disc golf. "Anyone can play it from kids to senior citizens. It's a great activity for all ages. If you know how to throw a Frisbee, you can play disc golf," said Cozzens. There are a variety of different putters, drivers, and discs you can use depending on the shot you're taking. But, no matter what, you're always aiming right at a hole, referred to as a pole basket. "It's the same as in traditional golf, which is the best thing to compare it to, to give people an idea of how to pick a disc," said Cozzens. Disc Golf is a fun activity for anyone. "Especially out here, it's just a great exercise. Walk in the woods and throw a Frisbee at the same time. It's just a peaceful activity. The flight of the disc is just the most special thing," said Cozzens. There is a highly competitive side to disc golf as well. Sandy Point will hold the 20th Anniversary Northwoods Open Friday, August 29th and Saturday August 30th. Over 200 competitors are signed up. It will include professionals as well as those that just like to keep score. Spectators are welcome. For more information of Sandy Point you can log onto their website, www.sandypt.com.

Story By: Jeanine Ilacqua

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