Lakeland VFW perches Army tank in Woodruff Submitted: 06/17/2014
WOODRUFF - An imposing Army tank will now greet people coming into Woodruff on Highway 47. The National Guard hauled it from southeastern Wisconsin and finished their work in Woodruff on Tuesday. Veterans believe it's more than just a piece of heavy machinery on display. They say it serves as a symbol for troops who fought in our country's wars.

"This tank was in a battle. It's something defending our troops. A lot of troops were saved by these tanks, they followed them behind the tanks," said Frank Zagar, the Lakeland VFW Post 7898 Commander. Bringing the M60A3 tank here was a project years in the making for Woodruff. "I get chills. It just gives me the chills to see that tank sitting there. It's a dream come true for me. I'm just proud to have it here. I hope everyone is as proud as I am," Zagar said. The Lakeland VFW helped get the tank to Woodruff from Hartford, Wisconsin. Once in Woodruff, it took hours and heavy machines to get in place just right. National Guardsmen were in charge of getting it to Woodruff and getting it placed. "(Their work was) fantastic. I was amazed they were doing it so good. It's just perfect. I just couldn't believe it. These guys are really good," Zagar said. M60A3 tanks were used in battle until about a decade ago. The tank sits next door to the post office in Woodruff. The VFW hopes families and kids visit to see and touch the tank.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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