Deputies check up on sex offenders Submitted: 05/13/2014
RHINELANDER - People convicted of sex crimes become a part of the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry for life. It lets people know where every sex offender lives in the state. But not all sex offenders update their information on the registry. To fix that problem, Oneida County Sheriff's deputies will visit every sex offender to make sure the information in the registry is correct.

"Our hope and our plan for this was that we would validate the registry so the public can feel safe about using the information on the registry," said Detective Sergeant Terri Hook. "They know that the Sheriff's Office is being proactive about making sure that offenders are where they say they are." Sex offenders are required to update their information in the registry. If deputies check up on an offender and the information does not match up, the sex offender could be in trouble. "If they have not changed their registration and they have moved for approximately ten days, they can be arrested for failure to comply with the sex offender registry and that's a felony." There are about 85 sex offenders in Oneida County right now. Deputies believe only a few of them don't keep up with the registry. They hope the verification check ups will fix that.

Story By: Karolina Buczek

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