School lunch hero day Submitted: 05/02/2014
RHINELANDER - School cafeteria workers work hard for their students. Kids and staff showed their appreciation today. Students, staff, and parents thank their local cafeteria workers on School Lunch Hero Day. Rhinelander High School celebrated their kitchen staff. Here's what one high school senior thought about his cafeteria. "The lunch ladies are fantastic, they really talk to you while you're getting your food," said Rhinelander High School senior Matt Will. "They don't just like, take a spoonful and just plop it right on there and say "Have Fun!" and that's the most interaction you get all day. No, they actually communicate with you and ask you what you want and then make it perfectly."

School Lunch Hero Day is sponsored by the School Nutrition Association. It is a day to start off School Nutrition Employee Week. "Lunch Lady Day, let's celebrate it, let's really get it out there that these ladies really do a lot," said Rhinelander School District Food Director Patricia Karaba. "They do about 1500 meals per day and 600 breakfasts a day in the district. So that's a lot of work." School Nutrition Employee Week runs through May 5th through the 9th. Next week you can show your appreciation for school nutrition staff.

Story By: Matt Brooks

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