Educating seniors about drug abuse Submitted: 04/24/2014
LAC DU FLAMBEAU - Drug addicts can look nearly everywhere to get their fix, and sometimes they can get that by raiding their family's medicine cabinet. That's why Lac du Flambeau police gave a drug presentation at an event for the elderly Thursday. Police leaders wanted to show seniors what could happen if they didn't keep track of their medications. "A lot of times the elderly and older population can be victims from this. As the younger children, grandchildren, things like that are you know coming in and taking their grandparents prescription drugs," says Sarah Keuer, a nurse at Peter Christensen Health Center.

The presentation was at the event Not Ready for the Rocking Chair. They had speakers talking about cancer, alzheimers and hospice care. "To provide resources for elderly individuals, their caregivers and other people in the area to just provide them with other resources and things they may or may not know about," says Keuer. The Peter Christensen Health Center put on the event. They hope to do it again next year.

Story By: Kaitlyn Howe

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