Last minute tax advice Submitted: 04/14/2014
RHINELANDER - Almost 100 million people have already filed their income tax returns. If you haven't, you have until 11:59 p.m. Tuesday. If you feel like you're scrambling to get them done, you're not alone. Local accountants have had many clients coming in at the last minute to sign their income tax returns. February is actually the busiest month for accountants.

That's because it's right before corporate tax returns are due in March, and income tax returns are due shortly thereafter in April. But the busiest day of the year was Monday. "April 14th is the busiest. It's just a crazy day. You've got last minute people coming in trying to get their returns filed, trying to accumulate everyone who needs to file an extension, getting people in for signatures, to review returns. It's just kind of a chaotic day because we have more people in and out of that door on April 14th than probably any other day of the year," said Mandy Hein of Northland Accounting, LLC. Northland Accounting in Rhinelander prepares as many as 1,100 individual income tax returns a year. They also do about 200 corporate tax returns. Accountants say the biggest way to avoid issues with your individual income tax returns is to double check them. "The biggest mistake is generally they're done by hand and math errors are probably among the biggest, or omitted information: full name, social security number, address, signatures, making sure that everything that needs to be filled in is filled in and your figures are correct, double-checking numbers against your source documents, and your math," Hein said. If you haven't been able to finish your tax returns, you can file for a 6-month extension until Tuesday night. More than 11 million people filed for extensions in 2013. The extension gives you until October 15th to file your 2013 tax returns. But if you think you'll owe the government money, you need to pay by Tuesday night to avoid penalties. "Even though you get an extension to file, your tax is still technically due on April 15th. So if you are anticipating a tax liability, you should make a payment along with your extension that you mail in," explained Hein. To file your returns or an extension request, you can go to any tax preparer or go to IRS.gov.

Story By: Lauren Stephenson

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