Water main break affects home owners Submitted: 04/05/2014
EAGLE RIVER - The Eagle River Public Works department battled something they hoped wouldn't happen. A pipe burst on one of the main roads. That caused six to eight home owners in Eagle River to lose access to their water. It happened around 9:30 Saturday morning on Pine street between fourth and seventh street. Crews were there to stop traffic and fix the pipe.

That happened because a frozen pipe thawed. "We believe that the line was probably frozen and now it's starting to thaw out," said Eagle River Light and Water Manager, Patrick Weber. "Once it broke, it started to thaw and water started to flow again, it comes up out the pipe." This isn't the first water main break in Eagle River. On the other side of the road they had one in January. More pipes could burst in the future. "We have no idea where they're going to appear, but this is not going to be the last of them I'm afraid." Weber said. The manager thinks damage was only done to the main street. He believes people's basements are safe from any flooding. They're hoping to have service restored Saturday night.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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