A walk down memory lane Submitted: 04/05/2014
RHINELANDER - Most of us love watching the Badgers play in the Final Four. Tonight is the first time the team is playing in the Final Four since 2000. And that's making some people in the Northwoods remember how excited they were 14 years ago. Some Badger fans were most excited to see Coach Bennett do well.

"I'm born and raised in Green Bay. Dick Bennett had come from UW-GB and actually brought them to one of their first NCAA tournaments way back in the day. So as a Wisconsin Green Bay fan, we were so proud of that guy for doing that," said Jim Gibbons, a Badgers fan. Some people remember being devastated after the loss. But they're hoping that doesn't happen this year. "They have been with each other. They stay with each other. They have faith and they believe in each other and that comes right from the top. Bo had instilled that in them. This has been a very good group to watch this year," said Mark Stanek, a Badgers fan. Not many people remember exactly what they were doing in 2000. But they remember cheering on the Badgers. And that's exactly what they will do tonight.

Story By: Karolina Buczek

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