Eagle River could have to run water until end of April Submitted: 04/04/2014
EAGLE RIVER - Most people expect some sun and warm weather in early April, but we don't always get that lucky in the Northwoods. And that doesn't help workers dealing with frozen pipes. Some utility companies are still asking customers to run water to prevent frozen pipes. Customers in Eagle River have been running water since the first week of February. Meaning the city has gone through a lot of water.

"In February and March we're pumping about what we do in July and August. Somewhere between 250-300 thousand gallons a day. Normally this time of the year is our slower time. Sometimes we don't go through much over 100 thousand in a day," says Patrick Weber, Eagle River Light and Water Manager. Customers aren't being charged for running the extra water, they're being charged the same amount they paid in January. Customers could be running water until the end of April. Utility workers say customers have been cooperative. "They've been very understanding. Some of them are starting to get a little antsy. Especially when it gets warm out. They think that it's safe, can we turn it off yet?" says Weber. The city will let people know when they can stop running water.

Story By: Kaitlyn Howe

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