No contest plea on bath salt related charge Submitted: 03/27/2014
RHINELANDER - Prosecutors accuse a Rhinelander mother and son of using bath salts in February. 48 year old Elizabeth Tietsort was charged for giving bath salts to another woman. Her son, 28 year old Jeremy Raznick, told investigators he smoked bath salts. Raznick pleaded no contest to intentionally abusing a hazardous substance in court today. The two other charges were dismissed.

The judge scheduled a review hearing for next March. He told Raznick he needs to stop using drugs. "I'm not suggesting that persons should ingest any controlled substance," said Oneida County judge, Michael Bloom. "Ingesting this particular substance is likely more harmful to the human body than what occurs when some controlled substances are ingested. It's something that you simply must stop doing." Raznick's mother will be back in court April 21st.

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