Help for people suffering in silence Submitted: 03/17/2014
WAUSAU - One in four people you know could be suffering from a mental illness. And mental health professionals believe many of those people suffer in silence. Mental health experts believe many people don't know where to go to find mental health support and help.

The Northwoods branch of NAMI teamed up with North Central Health Care in Wausau to give people in Marathon, Langlade and Lincoln County a place for support. Mental health experts want to help people understand the different types of mental illnesses. "Unfortunately in our society, because you can't see it there's a lot more stigma associated with it. And people don't really understand what it means," Kyira Hauer, of NAMI Wisconsin. NAMI leaders believe people with mental illnesses are more likely to turn to drugs if they don't find a support system. "A lot of times people aren't aware of what's going on with them so they turn to drugs or alcohol or other addictions to kind of soothe what they don't know," said Hauer. Mental health experts believe many people suffering with a mental illness are afraid to get help. They say people are afraid of being labeled as crazy by society. NAMI will hold meetings at North Central Health Care every first Thursday of each month, starting April 3rd. Families and friends who have a loved one suffering from a mental illness can also find support at the meetings.

Story By: Karolina Buczek

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