Northwoods school wants to start class before September Submitted: 03/17/2014
EAGLE RIVER - Tourism means big business in the Northwoods. That's one of the reasons why Wisconsin K-12 schools can't legally start until September first or after. Many school age kids work summer jobs that serve tourists into the late summer, but that later start day could hurt some schools. Northland Pines wants to start earlier. It says the Eagle River area doesn't see as many tourists in late August.

"We are seeing some people come here, but not necessarily families with kids. Many of our tourists are from Illinois. There's no start date in Illinois. And they start school that second week in August. So they're back home, they're back in school," says Dr. Mike Richie, Northland Pines District Administrator. There are events that happen during the school year that bring a lot of tourists to Eagle River. Northland Pines says it could help with events like the snowmobile derby or Cranberry Fest if they could start earlier. "We could schedule a recess day on those days. And a number of our staff already volunteer throughout the weekend on those activities. Now we could actually help on the Friday or Thursday of those events when they really need the help. It's a big impact to our community and we have to have those volunteers," says Richie. This year Northland Pines didn't start until September third.

Story By: Kaitlyn Howe

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