Oneida County gathering feedback for possible business incubator Submitted: 02/28/2014
RHINELANDER - Entrepreneurs in places like Eagle River, Manitowish Waters, and Wausau use business incubators as a way to start the business in their community. Now, community leaders in Oneida County want to know if a business incubator would work. Part of that interest comes from the success of other incubators nearby.

"Vilas County has multiple incubator locations that are doing quite well. We realized Vilas County has a lot in common with us. If there's demand up there, we recognize that there will probably be similiar demand here in Oneida County," says Tim Brown of the Oneida County UW-Extension. Right now, leaders want to figure out what kind of incubator entrepreneurs might want. Incubators can include things like kitchen space, small manufacturing, and offices. "If you would like bigger space, or you would like a commercially authorized kitchen, or if you would like office space out of the house, we'd ask you fill out our survey to tell us about your business, and tell us what you need," says Brown. You can find a link to that survey on below. We should know more about survey responses in late spring or early summer.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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