Nursing home inspections, complaints determine ratings Submitted: 02/28/2014
WISCONSIN - The Mount View Care Center in Wausau tops the list of best nursing homes in the country. A division of the Department of Health and Human services handles nursing home inspections. Quality assurance agents help determine a nursing home's rating. "It's based on a system that looks at staffing, surveys, the results of our inspections, what's called quality indicator information, the nurse staffing levels. They combine all those numbers to determine what the nursing home rating will be," said Otis Woods, Department of Quality Assurance inspector. There are different types of inspections quality agents conduct. Those could be re-licensing or complaint-based. But most people don't know about the programs that citizens can join to help. "The Board on Aging and Long-Term Care, or they're called the Ombudsman Program. They have what's called the volunteer ombudsman program, whereby local citizens serve as the eyes and ears for the Ombudsman program for the nursing home," said Woods. "They have every right under federal and state law to go in and even talk to some of the residents." Woods believes families should check inspection reports and federal ratings before choosing a facility. Your county's department of aging is also a useful resource.

Story By: Kalia Baker

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