Ice shanty deadlines Submitted: 02/27/2014
WISCONSIN - Many fishermen will need to get their shanties off the lakes this weekend. Harsh winter conditions will not make that task an easy one as many shanties are frozen to the lakes. The DNR cannot legally move the deadline as that deadline is predetermined by the state of Wisconsin. However, they do know that freezing slush and deep snow will make it difficult to remove your shanty. Should you find that removing your shanty is difficult you should contact the DNR to let them know. "They need to make every effort they can. That's what the state law states, we cannot change that," said Conservation Warden Tim Ebert. "If people find that they're unable to do so by that date, we ask them to contact the department and let us know about it."

The DNR does not help in any physical removal of ice shelters, but they recommend a few resources to help with removal. "Some of the options at least at this point is we would encourage folks to recruit their family and friends to help them out the best they can," said Ebert. "Some local businesses will also assist, they may contact local towing companies and off-road recovery type companies that may have specialized equipment to go out and move some of these ice shelters." DNR officials encourage ice fishers to call their hotline if they are having difficulty meeting deadlines. Shanties on inland waters south of Highway 64 need to be removed by Monday, March 3rd. Those with shanties on inland waters north of 64 must remove them by March 17th. Anyone having having trouble can report to the DNR by calling 1-800-TIP-WDNR or 1-800-847-9367.

Story By: Matt Brooks

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