Northwoods Spotlight - Pond Hockey Championships Submitted: 02/12/2014
EAGLE RIVER - More than 2,300 pond hockey players made their way to Dollar Lake - just outside of Eagle River. The annual Pond Hockey Championships featured 336 teams playing on 31 rinks. "This is our ninth year playing in Eagle River," tournament manager Scott Albrich of USA Hockey explains. "It's the best weather we've had." Many teams were from the Northwoods. Including "Range Beverage" out of Hurley. They finished second in the 30+ silver division. Cory and Ryan Moderson are brothers on the team. Cory's family enjoys watching him play. 5-year old Devin is watching dad play for the first time.

"Cool," Devin said. "I never saw him play before." "This is his first time," Cory Moderson - Devin's dad adds. "He's probably going to want to go out there after seeing dad play." Cory's wife Mae says it's amaizing watching the change in her husband when he steps on the ice. "He's a completely different person," Mae explains. "Not the guys who is sitting on the couch. He's out there like an animal or a teenager playing hockey with his brother." It's not just the men getting in on the fun. "Up Yours" is one of the 40 women's teams. They're from Houghton, MI. All of these players are older than 50. "We can't take the down side of life," Shelley Farrey points out. "We figured we've got to make the best of everyday. Last year we decided to form a team. Played against kids we could have given birth to. It was tough. If they had a 38 and over division, we would be the only ones out there." "Very exciting to see hockey being played in it's purest form," Albrich adds. "Chance for players to go back to when they were kids. Going outside and just playing."

Story By: Joe Dufek

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