Unique dining experience Submitted: 02/10/2014
RHINELANDER - You can try food from across the world without leaving the Northwoods. The Top of the Hill Dining Room is open again until the end of March. The Top of the Hill Dining Room is a unique restaurant that offers a different menu each day. The restaurant is run by Nicolet college students.

"Most restaurants have a set menu and the top of the hill dining room offers a variety of menus from across the world," said Jake Haag, a student-chef. Each student designs a menu based on a cuisine they chose to study. The students then put together a theme to go along with that menu. This gives the students real world experience. "It's real time, real life. I think the students learn so much from that. There's deadlines, there's time crunch, there's stress, there's noise in the kitchen and it's hot. It's very realistic," said Kevin Brown, the Chef Instructor. The restaurant is located at the Northwoods Center at Nicolet college. Lunch is served Monday through Thursday from 11 to 12:15. Dinner is only on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Story By: Karolina Buczek

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