Wisconsin hospitals conserving saline in shortage Submitted: 02/08/2014
MILWAUKEE - Wisconsin's hospitals and first responders are conserving intravenous saline solution after federal officials warned of a national shortage possibly linked to an influenza outbreak. The salt solution is used to rehydrate trauma patients and assist in the delivery of drugs. Hospital officials throughout the state say they're cautious about short supplies but not worried yet.

They say patient care shouldn't be affected. Saline suppliers say they're ramping up production but don't know when the supply will be fully replenished. Dr. Charles Cady is the medical director for the Kenosha Fire Department. He says first responders usually administer saline routinely, but now they'll only give it to patients who really need it. He says doing so will help the department's three-month inventory last about six months.

Story By: Dinesh Ramde, Associated Press

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