Baumgartner has more confidence going into second Olympic Games Submitted: 02/04/2014
IRON RIVER, MI - Thursday is opening day of the Olympic Games. Nick Baumgartner is on his way to Sochi. Baumgartner was born and raised in Iron River, Michigan. He will compete in the men's snowboardcross for Team USA. It's Baumgartner's second trip to the Olympics. He finished 20th in Vancouver in 2010.

The competitors are flying down the hill going around 60 miles per hour. A year after the Vancouver Olympics, he suffered his first major injury. Despite that, he won the X-Games. It gave him both a different perspective and confidence he uses today. "I broke my collarbone in 2011," Baumgartner explains. "Just twelve days before I won the X-Games. I was excited to be able to race. It's the year I won. I learned from that. I make sure I smile a little bit - make sure I'm having fun. If I do that, good things will happen and I will perform the best I can." Nick will be the focus of our first "Spirit of the North" story Thursday on Newswatch 12 at 6pm and 10pm.

Story By: Joe Dufek

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