Girl who's needed nearly a dozen operations will now represent area at Congress of Future of Medical Leaders Submitted: 01/31/2014
EAGLE RIVER - Medical groups use the Congress of Future Medical Leaders to inspire, motivate and direct students following medicine. It's an event for the brightest young Americans. This year's event will include an Eagle River junior. Jessica Sullivan goes to school at Northland Pines High School. She's excited to see the nation's capital for the first time. But she wasn't completely on board with the opportunity when she first got the letter in the mail. "At first I was kind of indifferent because I thought it was a scam, just something to get money," Sullivan said. "And then we looked into it and when we saw it was backed by the American Heart association then we began to get excited." Sullivan has a genetic condition that impacts the symmetry of her body. That's why her left leg was about four inches shorter than her right leg. Doctors have helped extend the bone through painful operations to match the length of her right leg. Sullivan says she's had more than 10 surgeries. But her mother Theresa finds inspiration in her daughter. "Every day keeping her focus up and her optimism and determination and you know she's been my inspiration," Theresa said. "So I'm not just proud of her but I'm in awe." Jessica Sullivan says she wants to help people the way doctors helped her. She'll be in Washington for the Congress on February 14th. The Sullivan's will get the chance to meet PhDs, Nobel Prize winners and Ivy League reps during the three day program. Sullivan says each day's program starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 11 p.m.

Story By: Adam Fox

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