Radar Run preview Submitted: 01/31/2014
ST. GERMAIN - Snowmobilers can speed for a cause this weekend. The Saint Germain radar run will take place this saturday and sunday on Little St. Germain Lake. Snowmobilers can race on groomed snow or shaved ice. The money raised this weekend will benefit the community.

"We're going to raise about 50,000 dollars and about 40 to 45 thousand of that goes right back to the community. It either goes to a local clubs like the Mobowen snowmobile club or the saint germain lions clubs," said Mark Hiller of the St. Germain Radar Run. The Bikini run will be at 1 o'clock on Saturday. The money from that race will be donated to Pink Ribbon Riders, the Saint Germain Fire department and the plum lake ambulance. The event will bring money to local businesses as well. "It just a cool event, one for the community. It just packs the area with a lot of people. We know downtown is just extremely busy right now and it's only going to get busier tomorrow, so that's good for the businesses," said Hiller. Snowmobilers' speeds will be checked by a radar gun. Each run on snow is five dollars. Three runs on shaved ice are 25 dollars.

Story By: Karolina Buczek

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