Reporting deer deaths to the DNR Submitted: 01/31/2014
WOODRUFF - You should report dead deer that you find on your property. That helps the DNR get a better understanding of winter's impact on deer. This also helps them track the spread of chronic wasting disease among herds. People that find dead deer can report it to the local DNR station or wildlife biologist.

"We certainly will expect to see some deer dying this year because of the extreme weather," said Wildlife Biologist Michele Woodford. "We'll certainly look to see if they're diseased from something else, but we'll probably expect to see some of it caused by starvation as well." It's too early to get a full impact of deer deaths, deer experts say most tend to die in early Spring. Anterless deer tags could be more limited next hunting season. "Deer tend to congregate in conifer areas or places where there's thermal cover," said Woodford. "So they're going to be in the pines or places where it's warm and out of the wind. What we might see is die-offs in those areas and those we would certainly like to be reported to the DNR, myself, and the other local biologists just so we can go out and assess those deer." There have been few reports of dead deer in Northern Wisconsin so far this year.

Story By: Matt Brooks

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