Update: President Obama visits Wisconsin Submitted: 01/30/2014
WAUKESHA - President Obama wants to train more people for in-demand jobs. That was the focus of his speech in Waukesha Thursday. The President spoke to workers at a GE plant. He said GE is an example of how job training programs can be successful. "I'm just saying, you can make a really a good living and have a great career without getting a 4-year college education as long as you get the skills and the training that you need," said the President. President Obama has asked Vice President Biden to lead a review of all job training programs. He also asked Congress to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10. Thursday's stop was part of a 4-state tour. The President is expanding on some of the themes from his State of the Union address. The President has a 44-percent approval rating in Wisconsin. That's down from a 49-percent approval rating in October. 11:02 A.M. President Barack Obama arrived in Wisconsin this morning to talk up some of his themes from the state of the union address. The President is expected to discuss jobs and the minimum wage. Just before 11:00 a.m., he arrived the General Electric plant in Waukesha that makes gas engines. It's part of a 4-stop tour the President is making.

He will expand on themes from his State of the Union address. Today's visit comes as Obama's approval rating in Wisconsin has sunk to its lowest level in 2 years. A poll released Monday says his approval rating among Wisconsin voters is 44 percent. That's down from 49 percent in October. (Copyright 2014 Associated Press - All Rights Reserved)

Story By: Lauren Stephenson, Associated Press

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