Propane costs keep going up Submitted: 01/23/2014
RHINELANDER - Many people use propane to heat their homes in the Northwoods. It's typically an afforable alternative to other heating options. But the cost of propane is reaching record highs. The cost of a gallon of propane has gone up more than one dollar since Monday.

Prices locally range from 4.69 dollars per gallon all the way to 5.50 a gallon. On Monday the price per gallon was less than three dollars. A national propane shortage is causing the problem. "The whole country's cold. And a lot of the propane that's manufactured comes out of the South so they're pulling it out of the pipelines faster than they can get it here. They're just using unprecedented amounts of fuel everywhere else in the country so that's why it's driving up. Crazy," said Wally Dahlquist of Dahlquist Heating & Cooling. Some local propane vendors had to close down early today because they couldn't afford to pay the up front cost to their propane distributors. High demand for propane causes distributors to raise prices in a short period of time. That means your propane bill could more than double compared to last month. "The average home will use about 200 gallons of fuel a month this time of year. The normal bills would have been 300 dollars but now you're talking 800 dollars so it's gone up substantially," said Dahlquist. Some people are lowering their thermostats to save money. Propane vendors say 200 gallons of propane will cost anywhere from 800 to 1,000 dollars. That's forcing some people to look at other heating options to stay warm this winter.

Story By: Karolina Buczek

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