Northwoods Spotlight - Snowmobile Derby recap Jan 22 Submitted: 01/23/2014
EAGLE RIVER - Tomahawk's Nick Van Strydonk won the world championship in 2012. He knows competing at Eagle River Derby Track is special. "You can't put it into words, Van Strydonk said. "It's its own special feeling. We do it for the fans. We're not out here to make money. We're not out here to prove anything to the guys we race against. We're out here for the fans, we like to put on a show and have fun." Lance Rutledge is an amatuer sno cross racer from Rhinelander. "The adrenaline rush you get, especially in that last lap, it all comes into play," Rutledge adds.

Speed, adversity and triumph, Derby Weekend had it all - including talented local drivers. It wasn't just the guys tearing it up. 17 year old Sabrina Blanchet from Quebec set out to become the first female to qualify for the final race, but she had a tough weekend. "It's disappointing but I'm not mad or upset," Blanchet explains. "The team does a lot of work to give me the best machine they can. We'll come back and try to do it all over again." Another tradition that dates back to the early years is the Derby Queen. Northland Pines hockey star Jessica Roach won that honor for 2014. "It's definitely awesome being part of the derby," Roach said. "We're a big hockey town but the Derby is what people look forward to in the winter." The sleds that race out here aren't like anything you'd see on a trail. They're hand built from the ground up and hits speeds up to 100 miles per hour on the track. In the end, it was Malcolm Chartier winning the granddaddy of them all and becoming a back to back champ. "We did our homework," Chartier said. "We did it last year and tried to replicate what we did last year and did it again." "To be able to live in a little town like Eagle River and have a business because there's not that much other tourism it's just very gratifying," derby track marketing manager Richard Decker points out. "It's a lot of hard work but believe me, everything is worth it. We love it."

Story By: Marisa Silvas

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