Protect your valuables inside your ice shanty Submitted: 01/23/2014
RHINELANDER - Ice shanties protect us from the cold when we go ice fishing. But we need to think about protecting our shanties from break-ins. The Oneida County Sheriff's office says there haven't been many break-ins this year. "It goes in cycles some years we'll have a rash of them and some years we won't have any, but this year there's been a couple," says Oneida County Sheriff's Recreational Officer Brad Fogerty. "Due to the seclusion of the shacks out in the middle of the lake, non-lighted areas, so those kind of give people opportunity to go out and vandalize and break into them." Most of those break-ins have been on Lake Julia. There are some precautions you can take to protect your ice shanties. "Keep your shack locked and don't keep any valuables in it," says Fogerty. "That's the main stuff they're looking for. They're looking for high item items you know ice augers, tip ups, locaters, that type of stuff," says Fogerty. "So when they see that in there those are the shacks that typically get targeted. So the best thing to do is keep them locked and keep valuables out of them," says Fogerty. There have been around 10 break-ins or vandalism incidents reported in Oneida County this year.

Story By: Dan McKinney

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