Businesses, hunters react to elimination of in-person deer registration Submitted: 01/22/2014
LAKE TOMAHAWK - The DNR board approved a measure Wednesday that will eliminate in-person deer registration in 2015. The department says it will save them money and be more efficient. But that decision could mean less business for area registration sites. The BP gas station in Lake Tomahawk registers about 500 deer a year. It's the only registration location between Rhinelander and Minocqua.

The station's owners say most people who register deer also buy other things like pizza, beer and snacks. The store depends on deer registration to get through the lull between the summer and snowmobile season. "500 customers means a lot to us....It's going to hurt our businesses. We live in such a small community. Then it will be hard to survive," said BP Lake Tomahawk owner Meena Arora. We called seven businesses that register deer in our area. All but one said eliminating in-person deer registration will hurt business. We also asked our Facebook Friends what they thought. Brenda Yaekel posted, "I do not think they should take away from the local places that support hunting. Business is slow enough." But hunter Gregory Dodge wrote, "I like the idea. I'm a long way from a registration station, over an hour round trip just to register a deer which takes under 5 minutes to do. They have been doing this out west for a long time with no issues." You can call in deer registration or register deer online under the new system.

Story By: Lauren Stephenson

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