How to avoid cold temperature damage to your car Submitted: 01/04/2014
RHINELANDER - We know it's important to bundle up when it's cold outside. But with frigid temperatures on the way, we also need to think about protecting our cars. Car repair shops like the Rhinelander Chrysler Service Center have seen an increase in cars damaged due to cold temperatures. Technicians have repaired more than 20 cars in just the last few weeks.

Some of those repairs have been for frozen gas lines. When cars have less than half a tank of gas, moisture forms. "The water that's in the moisture will freeze in the lines and that causes the gas lines to freeze," said Rhinelander Chrysler Service Advisor Ryan Brereton. There are ways to avoid a costly repair. Make sure your tire pressure is high. The air in your tires shrinks when temperatures drop. And be sure the coolant you use is rated for cold weather. One of the most important things you can do is let your car run long enough to warm up. "I usually let my car run at least 15 minutes. I'd let it run between 15 and half an hour for this cold snap that's coming," added Brereton. Drivers should also keep an emergency kit and warm clothes and boots in their cars. That way they can stay warm if their car breaks down.

Story By: Lauren Stephenson

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