DWD likes applications for Wisconsin Fast Forward program Submitted: 12/23/2013
PEMBINE - Democrats and Republicans in Wisconsin overwhelmingly agreed on a worker training proposal earlier this year. The Wisconsin Fast Forward will pledge $15 million in worker training grants. That money will help companies across the state improve the skills of their workers. We told you about Gov. Scott Walker's visit to Wausau to call for grant applications in early November.

Since then, the due dates for the four types of grant applications have passed. We wanted to see how the state Department of Workforce Development likes the applications it has gotten. "We think we're going to have some really good grants. I know that we have some really good grants that have come in. We're going to go through the process right now of evaluating them and making determinations and making awards sometime next year," Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Secretary Reggie Newson told us. Awards are available for manufacturers and companies in construction and customer service. Walker highlighted worker training again at his Northern Wisconsin Economic Summit. "The state that's most aggressively out front on worker training will be the state that leads the country, if not the world, in economic recovery. That's the one thing I hear so often. I see it in polls, but more importantly, I hear it every week," he said. Walker believes the Fast Forward grants can be particularly effective in small towns like in the Northwoods.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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