Stay warm with free winter clothes Submitted: 12/01/2013
RHINELANDER - If you live in the Northwoods, you need a winter coat. But not everyone can afford one. That's why a local group is giving away free winter clothes to the public. Warm for winter started giving out clothes six years ago. Organizers want to make sure people can stay warm during the harsh winters. "Well it's pretty cold here. I feel we're pretty wasteful society. We all have far too many clothes, far too many coats; far too much of everything," said Warm For Winter organizer, Gale Willcox.

"Instead of just sending it to the landfill, let's see if we can recycle it a little bit." Clothing items come as far as Michigan and Illinois. You can find shoes, coats, women, men and kids clothing items at the Friendly Village Nursing Home in Rhinelander. You'd think coats would be the first item to go. But clothes and bedding are snapped up first. "When parents come and they have several children, then more clothing goes than if you're just a mom taking clothes for yourself." Willcox said. You can pick up the free clothes the last Saturday of every month between 10 a.m. and noon through February. The organizers say they're always overstocked, so people should come down and get as much as they can. If you would like to donate clothes, you can contact Jan Lescke at 715-362-7157.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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