Shoppers get great deals during Widows' Weekend Submitted: 11/23/2013
MINOCQUA - Most deer hunters know that attracting the best buck is to be patient. And store owners know the best way to attract shoppers is to offer good deals. "I actually have a husband and two sons that are deer hunting right now," said Home Expressions longtime shopper, Penny Francois. "One of them came in from California and is not really enjoying the cold weather, but it's family tradition." It's a tradition many Northwoods families take part in this weekend.

Men brave the cold weather hoping to get the best buck. Their wives hunt for the best bargains at local stores. That's why many people refer to it as Widows' Weekend. "It's just fun because I'm not on a time frame. I can shop as long as I want and go home when I want." Francois said. Store owners like Laurie Herzog decided to take advantage of this weekend. She started giving special deals four years ago. "It really was an idea that came to us from just talking to customers. Every time of the year that was the opening season, we would get ladies and shopping," said Herzog. "We would say, hello. How are you? Their comments were, we're out having fun. Our husbands are hunting. So we're widows for the weekend." Herzog sells furniture and clothes. But on Widows' Weekend, she adds something different. "People seem to really want to get a jump on the holiday Christmas shopping season," Herzog said. "We stock the store with a lot of different merchandise than we have normally throughout the year." And her deals this weekend payed off. "Her sweaters are fun. You can come in here and walk out with like three of them for the same price you pay for one at a large department store." Francois said. A weekend for women to have time to themselves and for store owners to bag their own bucks.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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