19 arrested for using and dealing meth, prescription drugs Submitted: 11/22/2013
ONEIDA COUNTY - Nineteen people in Oneida County got busted in an investigation aimed at finding meth and prescription drug users and dealers. The Oneida County Sheriff's Office and the Northcentral Drug Enforcement Group have been investigating for at least two months. They were finally able to make arrests during the last two weeks. Undercover agents were able to buy drugs from some of the suspects.

That gave police enough evidence to make arrests. "We received information from several different agencies. And when you have information that comes in from various sources, we try to act on that quickly. And especially in the case of the methamphetamine, we try and act on that very quickly," said Detective Sergeant Sara Gardner of the Oneida County Sheriff's Office. Police believe the majority of these people are users, not dealers. They think people who were dealing crystal meth got it from the southern part of the state. Investigators say they've gotten helpful information from the people they arrested. "Most of the interviews that we've conducted on the arrested parties have been very forthcoming as far as their information and have, I would say, been very cooperative," said Gardner. Some of the suspects made their first appearances in court already. Others will be in court next week. Their names are below. Grant P Garrow (30) Chad M Laddusire (31) Corey W Harms (26) Mike A Mackey (26) Tammy L Groner (42) Theresa A Kennedy (28) Dareth L Bowman (36) Jovan E Salzman (24) Benjamin E Metz (27) Ryan R Novosed (36) Misty D Ehman (34) James S Erickson (65) Wendy L Hogan (54) Jimmie N Hogan (77) Kandy K Howard (49) Jessica J Steinmetz (36) Jenna R Bullard (33) Tabitha M Swenson (31) Alison M Keso (37)

Story By: Lauren Stephenson

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