Granite Peak ski and snowboard season starts this weekend Submitted: 11/14/2013
RIB MOUNTAIN - Granite Peak Ski Area in Wausau started making snow two weeks ago. Starting saturday skiers and snowboarders can start using the hill. It's 7 a.m. at the Granite Peak Ski Area and the day is just starting for Matt Howe. "Love being out in the elements," says Matt Howe, snowmaker at Granite Peak. He's a veteran snowmaker whose hand guides the snow cat like he's playing a videogame. "You got to kind of shave it I guess is the way I like to do it," says Howe. "We make piles, and then we push it around and that's how we make the corduroy," says Howe. Rib Mountain has more than 70 runs. Matt shapes and builds them throughout the season. "We got a variety of terrain here so it kind of suits everybody," says Howe. Before Matt shapes the snow, he has to make it. "The cold weather it kind of gets the blood going, you know I mean work hard all summer trying to get everything ready and that's what we work for is this time of year," says Howe. This time of year is busy for snowmakers at Granite Peak. The season starts in 2 days. "This is my favorite part of the job, this is what I live for all year round is to be in the cat and push snow and build runs," says Howe. This ski and snowboard season Granite Peak is set to produce more than 40 inches of man-made snow but of course there always looking for a little help from Mother Nature.

Story By: Dan McKinney

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