Trouble filling school board seat in Antigo Submitted: 11/07/2013
ANTIGO - Sometimes finding qualified candidates to fill the school board can be a challenge. But for Antigo that isn't the problem. The school board is having trouble agreeing on who should fill an empty seat. The board is looking for a new member because someone resigned last month. The school board has interviewed at least seven qualified candidates.

But some members can't agree on who should fill the spot. Donald Childs is the interim Antigo superintendent. "There are some philosophical differences on some parts of the board members. Consequently, they see things a little differently when they interview candidates, and were unable to come to an agreement. They're going to have to find a way to compromise," says Childs. The board disagrees on issues like the district's budget and whether it should consolidate schools. But one thing the school board can agree on is focusing on the importance of education in Antigo. "School boards that have come together, focused on children and on promoting a vision for the school--and what they want for the children as the exit the schools in the district--have better results," says Childs. "And higher performing students, than districts that tend to get bogged down on fights over facilities or arguments over budgets." The school board meets again November 26. They'll try to decide on a candidate then.

Story By: Kalia Baker

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