Body of 'Jane Doe' exhumed in Wis. Submitted: 10/17/2013
CALEDONIA - Authorities have exhumed the body of young woman found dead in a southeastern Wisconsin cornfield 14 years ago, as they try to identify her. The woman has been called ``Jane Doe.'' Her body was exhumed Wednesday. The woman's body was found in a Raymond cornfield in July 1999. According to the Racine County sheriff's office, new technology could help investigators learn more about the woman in the time leading up to her death.

Authorities say the information could help identify her and lead investigators to those responsible for her death. The body will be taken to the Milwaukee County medical examiner's office for analysis. The woman was 5-foot-8, weighed 120 pounds and had brown eyes and reddish-brown hair. Her ears were double-pierced and her teeth were in poor condition.

Story By: Associated Press

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