Z104 Radio in Merrill moving after 20 years Submitted: 10/16/2013
MERRILL - WJMT/Z104 Radio in Merrill could move into its new home by next month. The radio station has operated out of the Lincoln House for more than 20 years. But last winter, a water pipe in the Lincoln house froze and burst. The water flooded the station. Jim Medley is the operations manager for the station. He says everyone there is excited about the move.

"I think the new space is going to add just that extra level of professionalism," says Medley. "It's going to look great, we're going to sound better and people are going to be really proud of their hometown radio station." The new place is under construction right now. With the move, the station will have more space and better equipment. Station employees are happy be leaving the hassle of an older building behind. The city of Merrill is in charge of demolishing the Lincoln House. They are still looking for a new contractor to finish the tear down.

Story By: Kalia Baker

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